Chodezilla is a record label.
Chodezilla is a clothing brand.
Chodezilla is a movement.
Chodezilla is the voice of your generation.

Founded in 2016, we made it our mission statement to save lives through the magic of music and to totally not also make massive profits in the process by capitalizing on both the insecurities and poor financial decisions of young teens around the world. We definitely don't do that.

Our roster features the alternative music scene's strongest acts, including pop punkers Sunrise Skater Kids, mosh maniacs Amidst The Grave's Demons and many more. Although we do not believe in supporting out bands "financially" (in an effort to keep them humble and selfless), we pay them generously with exposure and promises of more exposure. We call this the "Chode Method," and it works pretty well and is probably totally ethically okay and stuff. This is what sets us apart from other labels.

If you're interested in getting signed to Chodezilla Records, send us your demos! We're currently offering contracts that give you MASSIVE exposure (but no actual royalties, remember the "Chode Method"). It is also possible that we will just straight up use your submissions in future songs for bands already signed to us, because music is a community and your original ideas rightfully belong to everyone.

© 2016 by Chodezilla Records & Jarrod Alonge
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